The Circular Economy requires a stable and predictable regulatory environment. Robust and manageable waste-related regulatory requirements at international, EU and national level are particularly important to ensure the success of the PolyStyreneLoop project.

Position Paper Circular Economy

Circular Economy for PS-foam demolition waste containing HBCD available, but collection of feedstock needs to increase .... Read more


Best available technique (BAT)

Since May 2017, the Basel Convention General Technical Guidelines recognise the PS Loop B.V. dissolution process as a valid pre-treatment process for PS foam waste for the separation of polystyrene and HBCD. The process is also included as a best available waste treatment technique, along with incineration, regarding the destruction of the HBCD. This new framework ensures a global, long-term regulatory stability and is an essential condition for the development of the PS Loop B.V. project.


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EU LIFE financial instrument

The project received a subsidy through the EU LIFE financial instrument. The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action created in 1992. PolystyreneLoop is registered under LIFE 16/ENV/NL/000271.

Investment program “Zeeland in stroomversnelling”

The goal of the Dutch Province of Zeeland and the central government is to achieve sustainable economic structural reinforcement in Zeeland. This has been translated into the “Zeeland in Stroomversnelling” investment program. PS Loop B.V. received a subsidy for its innovation which will support a strong and sustainable business climate in the region.