(RE)Launch PS Loop B.V.

JUNE 22, 2022 Restart of the Polystyrene Loop initiative - the closed loop recycling of EPS insulation materials

The demonstration plant for the industrial recycling of EPS insulation materials from demolition and refurbishment work is reopened exactly one year after it was put into operation for the first time.

A consortium of German companies has purchased the Dutch plant from the bankruptcy. The newly established company PS Loop B.V. is a 100% subsidiary of the GEC Group. GEC stands for "German EPS Converters". The group comprises of the German EPS converters Bachl, Brohlburg and Rygol. The consortium is supported by the EPS Raw Material Suppliers BASF, Bewi, Sunpor, Synthos and Unipol as well as the Austrian EPS converter Hirsch and the flame retardant manufacturer ICL working
together in the European umbrella organization EUMEPS.

This industry initiative fulfils an important mandate from the European Commission in implementing the recycling targets for plastics as part of the EU's circular economy strategy. At the same time, this initiative underscores the collective spirit of the industry. The Polystyrene Loop initiative originally started five years ago in the form of a cooperative with more than 70 members from more than 15 European countries. The members represent almost the entire European polystyrene foam value chain. On the way to transforming the cooperative into a business, the consequences of the corona pandemic and the rising energy costs proved an unbridgeable gap for a successful start-up. Polystyrene Loop B.V. had to file for bankruptcy on March 10 of this year.

Press contact: Richard Geevers. Tel: +31 115 793 020, Email: rgeevers@psloop.eu