PS loop

an innovative purification process to recycle polystyrene foam demolition waste containing HBCD

Successful completion of the ‘PSLoop Project’

MARCH 29TH, 2024 Recycling Technology for Expanded Polystyrene containing legislated HBCD proven to be successful Over the last years the EPS industry has invested significant amounts of financial resources and technical support effort into the ‘PSLoop Project’, a demonstration plant in Terneuzen (NL) designed to prove that the proprietary solvent-based recycling technology can successfully remove…

New Milestone PS Loop B.V.

FEBRUARY 15TH, 2024 NEW MILESTONE TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR THE EPS INDUSTRY PS Loop B.V. has successfully achieved a major milestone by continuously producing 5 tons recycled polystyrene per week (Loop_PS) from EPS construction waste containing the legacy flame retardant HBCD. Test results have proven that the Loop_PS remains well below the UTC, the…

Operation PS Loop B.V.

JUNE 12, 2023 UNIQUE RECYCLING SOLUTION FOR EPS INSULATION MATERIALS LAUNCHED The first industrial plant for recycling EPS insulation materials goes into regular operation this summer: the innovative CreaSolv® Technology enables PSLoop to recycle HBCD-containing polystyrene foams on an industrial scale and testifies to the industry’s great innovative strength. After the German EPS Converters (GEC)…


In a Circular Economy we want to keep resources in use for as long as possible and recover them at the end of their service life to be re-used as raw material for new products.

The PolyStyreneLoop recycling project

PolyStyreneLoop contributes to the Circular Economy by recycling polystyrene (PS) foam demolition waste containing HBCD.


The PS Loop plant is located in Terneuzen, the Netherlands. The physical recycling process currently allows Terneuzen to recycle 3,000 tons of HBCD-containing material in 2024. The HBCD is removed in a solvent-based purification process. It is then treated the bromine recovery unit, owned and run by our partner ICL. The maximum expansion stage is 8,000 tons per year. This reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 50 percent and protects the environment and climate.


A Solvent-based Purification process

•PS Loop is a solvent-based Purification process, allowing the separation of  polystyrene from legislated HBCD. HBCD is further treated in the Bromine Recovery Unit from ICL.
•The compacted PS-foam demolition waste is dissolved in tanks containing a PS-specific liquid. Left over solid impurities after pretreatment (dirt, cement and the like) are separated through filtration and then incinerated.
•Then another liquid is added, which transforms the PS into a gel, while the additive (HBCD) stays in the remaining liquid. The PS gel is then separated from the process liquids.
•Once cleaned, this gel is transferred into granulated polymer. The liquid and used additives are distilled and can be used in theclosed PS Loop. The HBCD remain in the sludge, which is then treated in the Bromine Recovery Unit (BRU) by ICL.